Rob’s Message

The great thing about my role is hearing the stories of God’s goodness and faithfulness from across the CBWC. Stories like new church buildings dedicated to God’s glory, churches celebrating new pastoral leadership, and the 77 Days of Prayer and Discernment where CBWC Board, Staff and churches sought God’s leading for our next season of ministry together.

Thank you to those who have been discerning with us and sending us your input. Soon we will be able to share these priorities with you.

For a long time, a life verse for me has been Joshua 1:9—God’s charge to Joshua as he becomes leader of Israel. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” I have no doubt that God goes with me wherever I go. There is much turbulence that a person in this role can be confronted with, but I am determining to “not be afraid” and “not be discouraged” when these challenges arise.

Let us never lose sight of the important work God is doing in and through the CBWC family. Be strong and courageous my friends. God is with us.

Serving with you, for Him!

Rob Ogilvie
Executive Minister


77 Days of Prayer

Listening prayer is essential to know how to follow God’s lead. At Assembly in May, Rob mentioned that he wanted the CBWC to spend some intentional time in prayer, seeking God’s guidance for direction for the next few years. So, for 77 days, we prayed and listened. The Board and Executives are gathering responses from churches, comparing notes and preparing a longer-term CBWC strategy based on this praying and listening time. We look forward to hearing the results of this discernment process in the next couple months, and together taking the next steps we’ve heard God calling us to.

In June 2017, Pastor Keith Thompson began his ministry at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Winnipeg. When the fall came around he knew he wanted to lead a weekly Bible study, but he was having a hard time deciding what topic to study.

“I happened to look at the CBWC website one day, and I noticed the 77 days of prayer initiative,” Pastor Keith says. He decided then that he would combine a weekly study with the 77 days of prayer. “I realized that since this was a time of new beginnings for our congregation, and for our denomination as a whole, this would be a really good thing for us as a congregation.”

They meet every Wednesday with about 8-10 in attendance. For the 11 weeks of the prayer initiative, they began by reading the listed passage for the week. They spent 30 minutes or so going through the passage to see what it has to say to them, keeping in mind the focus for the week. Following that, they spent time in prayer and then shared their personal thoughts and feedback.

“I appreciate the CBWC and all it has to offer, and very much value the people within our denomination.” — Pastor Keith Thompson

His hope and prayer for the group meetings was to see them begin to discern what God has in store for them as a congregation as well as the CBWC as a whole. Pastor Keith is the first permanent full-time pastor they’ve had in quite some time. Their previous pastor passed away suddenly and since then, Cornerstone had been in transition with some interim pastors.

Pastor Keith took his MDiv, focusing on Pastoral Leadership, at Taylor Seminary in Edmonton, graduating in 2007. In the beginning it was hard for him to find a place to minister. In 2009, he did six months bi-vocational work at Evangelical Baptist in Edmonton, a CBWC church. In November of that year, he began full-time ministry at First Baptist Church in Dawson Creek, BC.

He served for almost four years, then worked various jobs and occasionally preached at other churches in Dawson Creek before moving east to serve at Cornerstone Baptist Church.

“I appreciate the CBWC and all it has to offer, and very much value the people within our denomination,” Pastor Keith says. His hope is to lead the church into stronger community and closer communion with God, in the upcoming years.

Made for This

Meet Pastor Loralyn Lind

Pastor Loralyn Lind was born into a CBWC pastor’s family. She has been a part of the CBWC herself, since she married her husband, Cordell, in the 80s. They served at various churches where he was the pastor. After Cordell was diagnosed with MS, Loralyn decided to go back to school. While cooking at The Quest, she was called to be the interim Children’s Pastor at Emmanuel in Saskatoon. That started her pastoral journey.

“I did not believe women were meant to be pastors, but I kept saying ‘yes’ to God and the church,” says Pastor Loralyn, now the Lead Pastor of the Dauphin First Baptist Church. “Thankfully I was convinced first theologically and then practically that God calls people based on gifting not gender. I had to give up my comfortable and accepted complementarian role of pastor’s wife and live egalitarian.”

Pastor Loralyn had a realization about this that was significant for her. “I was sitting at a church staff table, new and the only girl, in an ordinary pastoral meeting conversation. I asked a question that to me seemed completely logical and natural. The three guys stopped and stared. They had never considered that angle. It struck me that we think differently. Women make up more than half of most congregations. That realization gave me permission to know I could be useful to the church as I allowed God to use me because I am a woman—not in spite of it.”

“Being a pastor has every challenge I can imagine and more,” says Pastor Loralyn. “I don’t feel much like I chose this vocation—I believe God made me for this.”

What I’m Hopeful For

We asked some of our staff what they’re hopeful for in the New Year. We hope after reading this, you’ll be inspired to share with someone what you are hopeful for.

“I hope that people across our CBWC family realize that our staff are their family through Christ. We truly care.”
— Ruth Longhurst, Administrative Assistant
“I’m hopeful for a year of health for my family, and opportunities to engage more in my community.”
— Cindy Emmons, Heartland Administrative Associate

Please prayerfully consider giving to make a difference today and in the year ahead.